So this post is about how I managed to over pack my suitcase by 10kg AND THEN lived in basically the same 5 items. As per. You’ve been there, right? If you’re a chronic over packer then you know the fear of the airport scales. My mother once had a bag too heavy to load, it surpassed health and safety limits. Seriously.

Over packing, it’s genetic apparently.

I’m an over packer. There, I admit it. I try not to then end up majorly under-packed and can’t help but wish for my back-breaking suitcase stuffed to the gills with every item of clothing I own. I have a feeling that Nat Tucker’s Boss Course would help me overcome that…

But until then, let me tell you about the mistakes I made when packing for the past week in Melbourne. That’s a learning experience, right? I think so. And as a blogger I think it’s my job to share what works and doesn’t work for me, maybe save you some time in your own life.

Packing Mistake 1: No plan!

That’s right, no plan. In the lead up to Melbourne Fashion Week Plus, outfit conversations were flying thick and fast and I had no idea what I’d be wearing. Big mistake, huge. When it came time to pack my bag I was literally throwing in everything that might work, maybe, without much thought for where I had to be and how often. I ended up with at least three times as many casual outfits as I needed and a couple of runway-worthy outfits short. Whoops.

Packing Mistake 2: No colour theme.

I’m a big advocate for packing on a colour theme so everything coordinates and is interchangeable. Unfortunately, for me, I seemed to have forgotten that this round as I mixed my colours and print and came out with a million and one odd-man-out items that either didn’t work with anything or could only work in one outfit. Not sensible packing, at all. Planning helps with this, choosing items that mix and match with others and work in multiple ways. Note to self: review point one. Haha.

Packing Mistake 3: Shoe overcompensation.

The entire top half of my suitcase was shoes. Shoes, boots, ankle boots and sneakers. Way too many. Keeping the number of shoes you pack to a minimum helps reduce the overall weight of your suitcase and gives you more room to move. I could have easily taken my nude heels, knee-high black boots and sneakers and been all good. The other 3 pairs of shoes I had packed were nice to have, but pointless, especially after I purchased some strappy little numbers while I was there.

Packing Mistake 4: Full-size toiletries.

Rookie error, I know. But again, because I didn’t have a plan I found myself the night before I was due to fly out shoving full-size items in my bag and hoping like hell they didn’t escape. They did, but on the return journey, luckily. Hello, purple shampoo ALL over the place. At least it smells pretty because that made one hell of a mess. So pack light in regards to toiletries and go sample sizes or those cute little plastic containers you get from Daiso and travel light.

Packing Mistake 5: Coordinate your efforts

My roommates for the weekend had this method down pat. Liv packed the hair dryer, Desiree packed the straightener. Things like that. If you’re sharing a room or staying with friends, work out what you’re actually going to need and what you can split over a few suitcases or leave at home. Another factor in this is that throughout the week I wore more than one piece of clothing from the other ladies suitcases and they wore from mine. So get together, pool your efforts, pack lighter and wash.

Like I said, I have a gift for this stuff. What about you? Do you over or under pack? Got any tips for us? 

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