I’m writing an article for teenage girls about life, life lessons and confidence. Working with young women to see their value earlier in life is something that I’ve touched on here before. I used to think it was going to be an eBook. That didn’t happen, as I found the task overwhelming. But it turns out it’s still on the universe’s radar for me because it just showed up—an opportunity introduced by a friend to a friend of a friend.

It has me thinking about what I’d say to myself as a teen and what I want to speak to the girls now. Lives lived online in a way this grown-up blogger can only get a taste for understanding. I’ve written enough text for maybe three or four articles, and now I wonder if I was holding back. But the ideas keep coming around my theme for the year.

My theme for the year makes you proud, and I feel like I could stamp it on every post. Want to run further, do it and make yourself proud. Living life and smiling and making yourself proud. Trust your instincts that you are perfect, just as you are. Trust you are intelligent, talented and beautiful in a way that is unique to you. Make yourself proud.

That’s the thing about giving your year a theme; it shows up. For years, I’vee been living my life in a way that at least checks in with those around me for what they think is best. I believe in taking advice from those who have gone before you and not reinventing the wheel. But I’d come to rely on that. Depending on their opinion matching mine, count on having their support.

This year I aim to be respectful but autonomous, independent and all about me. Me, me, me. It’s essential to have a focus, I think. To have an aim for the year and to make plans. Sometimes I wish I’d chosen dirty rich as my motto, but there’s always next year. Haha. I asked on Instagram, and now I’m asking you;

Do you have a theme, a motto or a word for 2013? And how’s that going for you?


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