How to make your own luck in life is going to be a title that for some people will push their buttons. If you feel a little trampled by luck at the moment, it’s probably annoying to hear that you can make your own. Especially when this post is written by someone like me who for various reasons of her birth; race, birthplace and stupendous family, has acknowledged her privileged position.

Know I know that.

But don’t go shutting off now. I am a believer in creating our own luck. And if that’s something you want for yourself ignore that little voice that is calling me a lucky bitch and read on. Good luck, a change of circumstances perhaps, is just around the corner for you! Let’s get started with how to make your own luck. Ready?


Get lucky tip 1: What’s lucky?

Know what you want or is a broader sense, know what you want your life to look like. Lucky for some would be stumbling over a pot of gold, for others it will be people around them who love them. Decide what your version of a charmed life is. Decide how luck is going to show up for you and to do THAT, you need to know yourself. Where are you planning to make your own luck? What areas? Why?

Heck, maybe when you take a look you’ll find you are already pretty darn lucky. I know I did.


Get lucky tip 2: Preparation

The luckiest people you know probably all have one thing in common. Preparation. They prepare for anything and everything they want to arrive. They are ready to get lucky. Bet you didn’t think we were going to take this turn. Or maybe you did. Maybe you knew that circumstances are just that and luck is something that gets behind those who are ready for it. Maybe not. But whatever position you are starting from here, it’s time to prepare yourself for good things. Expect them, want them (this can be a tricky thing to do) and prepare for them.


Get lucky tip 3: Opportunity

Knock on every door, window and crevice for opportunity. To be lucky you need to have your eyes wide open. To make your own luck, you have to be willing to jump when opportunity shows up. Some would say that an opportunity appearing is lucky.

Looking for opportunity in everything is a habit you can train yourself into. It’s a practice. If you start to see opportunity everywhere, your lucky break is closer than you think. And you know what happens then? When it shows up you have to leap on it, wrap your legs around it’s back and go for the ride. Opportunity is like that.


Get lucky tip 4: Work

Work it. Work and work and work and work until you look up one day and you’re the luckiest son-of-a-bitch there is. When you make your own luck, you find that you are never short of it. Bad luck is something that happens in life and soon is behind you. Good luck is something that actually, you work for most of the time.

You buy the ticket when you want to win the lotto, you send off that proposal or application of the job you want. When you work, there’s something that happens out there in the world, you get lucky. You work so hard that the things you want show up through your sheer will. Scoff if you like, but I’m right. Ask anyone who has what you want in life, I’d almost guarantee it didn’t fall from the sky into their laps.


Get lucky tip 5: It’s all about you

What goes up, must come down and around and sideways and whatever, just go with it. Luck, I’m going to tell you this now at the end, but luck is one of those things that is only as powerful as you think it is. So yes this post has been about nothing but backing yourself, doing the work, looking for opportunities and taking the leap.

Surprise. It’s all about you. You get to make your own luck, you decide, you are the driving force behind your own life. And yes things can happen, a lot of things in this life are out of our immediate control, but you get to say how life goes for you.

Are you one of the lucky ones? Do you believe in making your own luck? 

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