Last weekend it occurred to me how much I pick and choose which outfits to photograph for the blog. How I wear things to breakfast, to the movies and to work that I’m sure you guys would like to see but I never really photograph them. So Hubby and I are going to do our best to rectify that. It’ll mean we’ll have to get a little more creative with the photos but we are up for the challenge.

Starting here.

It was a cold Sunday morning and we were off to grab breakfast in the sunshine. I pulled on this oversized jumper, well slouchy more than oversized really. Added the skater skirt assuming that I would wear my knee-high boots for extra warmth. Some variation of this combination gets me through all the cold weather. But I’d forgotten that I broke the heel on my boots so I made a last-minute switch to the ankle boots and figured I’d rely on the sun to keep me warm.

And that happened to be the right call.

We got this dreamy table half in the sun and half in the shade of the veranda and spent the next hour or so drinking coffee, chatting and eating eggs. The only way to spend a slow Sunday morning, I think. Other than lazy in bed, that is. On our way home, we grabbed these photos and the papers to scout out the real estate section. We’re moving, have you heard? Not too far from where we are now, we hope with a giant shed for all Hubby’s gear.



Jumper – Sales Rack at Big W {try in store}
Skater Skirt – Boohoo 
Ankle Boots – Target Australia
Sunglasses – ASOS Men’s Section

Anyway. Life’s good. Winter days are perfect.
Can you believe the weekend is over already? Always sad to see them go. Did you do anything good? 


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