Gasp. How is that possible. How could THIS be the last winter outfit? Summer doesn’t feel that long ago. Days, rather than months, and here we are at the end of winter. I’m a summer kid. Mainly because of the beach and the long days of summer. But this year I’ve enjoyed winter. The warmth of our fireplace and being able to snuggle under way too many blankets won me over. I’ll miss it.

But if this is the last winter outfit, I’m okay with that.

As part of my how-to wear joggers video and post, I wore three different joggers outfits for the afternoon. This is my favourite. I love the casual one, who can argue with comfortable, but this girl was born for heeled ankle boots. What can I say? Add a swishy kimono throw, and I’m happy. I’m not sure what the point of that was. But, I like it.

Winter being over, that’s right. Am I the only one who is having heart attacks over the fact that there are only four months left in the year. Four months. It’s remarkable how a year can just slip away and yet feel so jam-packed. Have you ever experienced that? I feel like I can’t think of one single thing that I’ve done this year but I’ve been busy the whole time.

Oh man, I hope I’m not turning into that ‘busy’ person.

I probably am.

In 2017, I am that person, aren’t I?

Anyway. The opportunity to lament the way this year is speeding past couldn’t be ignored. After all, what else did I have to do tonight (hello, I scheduled this)? It’s not like I watch Game of Thrones or anything. It feels like the entire world is watching the season finale. My sister-in-law even made a themed dinner. I mean, that’s dedication. And here I am.

You guys should check out the pics now, this clearly isn’t going anywhere. Haha. Enjoy what could very well be my last winter outfit of 2017. I mean, I’m more of a summer kid anyway.

Wearing 17 Sundays Kimono Throw (sold out) and Warpaint Joggers in White, Dip Hem Tank from ASOS, and City Chic Booties (sold out online).

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