Photos are something you may assume we have plenty of, right? And in some ways; it’s true. I take a lot. But I’m not in them. There are a lot of me and my outfits. But Mr Suger isn’t in them. Then there are the selfies. But they don’t count. So after years and year, almost a decade, since our last couples photo shoot, otherwise known as our wedding, we decided to go for it. I booked a session with our wedding photographer, Bambi Gosbell of Photography by Bambi, who is a ridiculously talented fine art and portrait photographer.

I wrote about that afternoon and the fun we had. Penis graffiti and nails through boots and all. And in the past I wrote about how as a couple without children there was never really a cause for getting photos. Most photos get taken during the stages that come as you grow a family; maternity or newborn, for or first birthday or a family Christmas card. We had no need of any of those things. It’s just us two. And it was time we celebrated that. Just as we are, no complicated set up or, sorry Bambi, any lounging about in long grass.

Today we decided to share them with you. A selection of them anyway. I love these photos; they are so very us. They capture this fun, exciting time of our lives, old enough to know who we are and that we love each other enough to survive the tough stuff. We are footloose and fancy free and yet doing our very best grown up impression. All of that is captured for me here. That is, after all, the point of a photo. And a great photo does that and so much more

I love them. So us, so casual, so freaking cool. Yes?