just one thing 02

Last week went really well for me. I took the time to cook more meals than not this week. It made a difference to us. We ate earlier, we ate better and we ate together. Small things and just one thing that made a difference to how we lived this week.

At one stage I looked across the kitchen bench, our house was tidy, Mr Suger was working at the kitchen table chatting away about his day and their attempts to drill through the hardest soil he’d ever dealt with. The bubble of the pots on the stove and the heat of the kitchen and the cheeky red wine in my hand soothed me. I could feel the flush in my cheeks and smile.

This is living well. It’s not a number, a perfect figure, squeaky clean bills of health both physical and mental or the perfect regime. All things in moderation, taking time, communicating, loving, smiling… That is living well. And at that moment I decided that I’d keep “just one thing” going.

Let’s make it a thing.

What’s YOUR one thing for this week?

Mine is to kick back and smell the roses. I’ve been busy lately and it’s starting to show. I don’t take any glory from running around like a mad person, not spending time with the people I love and dropping the ball in a number of situations. Busy is not cool to me so it’s time for order and time out. That’s my plan this week.

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