do one thing to start living better

When we talk about health and wellness on this blog, I wonder what people out there are thinking. Do you wonder why it’s so important for me to discuss exercise and food choices without it being about ‘trying’ to lose weight? Do you wonder why making the choice no matter you size, weight, age or sex that you will live well is so important to me? It’s because of one simple thing.

Because when you choose to live well and care for yourself, you are making a declaration that you are worth it.

Worth the time, the good health and more. It might be a quiet declaration, but sometimes those can the most powerful. They are a quiet voice that says you are worth the time, effort, and commitment. That’s more important to me than anything else. That you see the value in the body and healthfulness, you have now. I want you to know that these things are an investment in yourself.

Lately, I’ve been tired. Ask me and I’ll tell you. How are you Suger? They say. Tired, I say back. Big days and long nights have left me with little time left for myself. I’m ineffective in the sense that I am unfocused and more than easily distracted. And I know why. I’ve stopped cooking and started eating out. I’ve stopped getting to the gym and instead I spend hours lamenting it. Like if I lived here, I’d be home already regret.

Being this person isn’t who I want to be. I want to bring energy with me, I don’t want to suck it from the room like a vacuum. When I feel good, when I show myself some love, I am the best version of myself. No contest. And when you feel that good, you want more of what makes you feel that good. More love, more sunshine, more sweat and beating heart.

Know that I feel where you are coming from. I’m tired, I’m busy and I’m juggling a million and one thing I refuse to let drop. But we deserve better. We deserve to be bursting with energy and self-love. We deserve good food, time out and an opportunity to move our bodies. Living well is something that you owe it to yourself to do. That I owe myself to do.

Are you with me? What’s one thing you’re taking on this week to live better? Just one itty-bitty thing will start to cause a shift. It’ll be like that first sneeze that starts an avalanche.

Me? I’m going to cook.

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