I woke up yesterday morning and as I lay in bed checking Facebook, emails, the blog I came across something a wee bit unusual. Thinking my page for the stats had not reloaded properly I refreshed it. Nope. It was correct. Someone in Iceland had shared my page on Facebook. This post about to be exact. My blog, this blog, had had my daily number of views before 7am.

My first thought was woohoo!

My second was oh no.

Oh no because large traffic spikes usually bring with them people who like to hate on large traffic spikes. People who don’t know me or this blog and take a dump here. To be completely inelegant about it. It’s part of the reason that I like my blog the size it is. Less drama.

But I’d made an assumption about these visitors too. Now I don’t know the primary reason for the visits. Maybe they had taken my ‘Still My Body’ collage and were making fun of it. No idea, sometimes I think it’s easier that way. Haha. But I know that the visitors that came were respectful, clicked around a little, some subscribed and went on their way.

So awkward. Watch out Suger, your assumption made an ass out of you this time. Maybe now I can finally let go of this idea that I need to keep this blog at a certain size, with a certain sized audience in order for it to be all that I want it to be.

Maybe now I can ditch my excuses and really go for broke. Maybe?


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