Sometimes bloggers are a little too quick to buy their own press. You know the whole gussied up about page screaming our excellence to the world and we believe it type thing. We ARE important. The new media, that’s us, leading the charge. And I’m here to tell you it is a bad idea. I’m guilty of it myself. I work hard to fill my blog with content that is interesting and useful so I’m proud of that. But sometimes when things get a little #Blogebrity (Freya’s term for a blog celebrity) well it’s easy to believe your own press and let your head expand until doorways pose a challenge.

Unless you have friends like mine. HA.

Liv is the one who loves to remind me that I’m just a jerk with a keyboard. All bloggers are. That sure it takes work and effort to do what we do, but we are just people who like having our place of internet. Behind the scenes, it very much looks like folks sitting around with a laptop on their laps, messy hair, wearing track pants. Sure there are exceptions (hello the troupe from Fashion Bloggers) but most bloggers are normal people with real lives and for a large chunk of us, day jobs. And for us believing your own press is dangerous.

Believing your own press as a blogger leads to you, in my experience, feeling entitled and competitive. It’s ick and you have to find a balance between that and having the confidence to ask for what you deserve. A good start is to stop wondering where your share of the pie is, why others were chosen and taking things for granted.

No one owes you anything, no matter how good your blog is.

Set fair and reasonable prices and terms and be done with it. Always say please and thank you. Be gracious if a brand tells you that it’s not going to work for them or it’s not a good fit. Give them the benefit of knowing what works for them, just as you determine what works for you. Thank them and ask them to keep you in mind. Be nice to people. Reply to their messages and emails. Talk to them when they talk to you. Say thank you to them and mean it. And last but not least…

Keep your big fat head in check, you’re just a jerk with a keyboard.

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