On the 29th of October, in the final hours of the day, this little blog turned seven years old. SEVEN. How is that for something special? This blog that has loved and supported me, been my place to vent and an opportunity to effect change in my small way. This blog has become like a member of the family.

And I don’t know if you guys realise it, but you are part of that too. A major part. The biggest of parts. Some of you have been here since the beginning, some signed up and joined the fun last week. Whenever and however you first made your way here, know that you are part of this. You leave your mark with comments and likes. With suggestions and ideas. With emails and retweets and shares.

You are the guts of this blog.

So congratulations.

Seven. Wow. That’s a big one. A random big one, but a big one no less.

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