So is YOUR body summer ready?

And I don’t mean is it ready for the heat, I mean it in the whole join a gym, just eat lettuce and hope like hell maybe you’ll be presentable at the beach this year. Fingers crossed. Still probably not. That thing. The ads start, the marketing and the subliminal messaging… You’re not good enough now. Remember that. You NEED a summer body.

A better body. A thinner, more tanned, extensively exercised version. A more generally appealing one. For goodness sake do not just go to the beach and enjoy family and friends with just the body you have. Ugh. Impossible…

Now your sarcasm radar is probably off the charts about now. Way off the charts. You may hear from my tone (which I hope can been conveyed) that I think this is a load of rubbishy rot. A load of brainwashing aimed at making you feel bad enough to buy something. A gym membership or diet plan mostly.

Surely I can’t be the only one that hears the cry to get my body summer/beach ready who immediately wants to say up yours. Way up yours. Get stuffed. Bug off. Get a life. I hear it and I think summer ready THIS jerk face while wildly signally at my thrusting pelvis. Charming. I know. But true.

It annoys me. Exercise for health. Eat for health. Go for a walk, drink less soft drinks, get outside more, do stuff. Enjoy the weather, the warmth and the gift that is your body being alive and well. Do whatever it is you please.

But for goodness sake!!! Don’t do it for some fictional body that doesn’t exist. There is no perfect beach body. I know, I go to the beach a lot, there are all sorts of bodies. Big, small, young, old, tall, short, hairy, pale and everything in between.

Don’t believe them. Not even for a minute. Drag out your swimming togs and hit the beach.

Beach. Body. Done.

///image credit – Danimezza///

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