Nothing attracts attention like a large glass jar full of bright, green deliciousness that looks like pond scum. Trust me. This week I walked through the doors of a new workplace, ready and raring to go! It took me until yesterday to finally  whip that jar out, opting instead to only have a morning juice. But it was time. These juices are part of me.

Time to show them.

Time to show them my weird, more like! Haha.

So off I strolled to the lunch room, for my 2pm break {I start late} with my glass jar of green goodness. I sit down and get to work for the blog on my iPad. It took about 5 minutes for someone to spot it, on their way past, through the door. Haha. What IS that? Could be heard ringing through the halls. The lesser known version of deck the halls, let me tell you, just as entertaining.

Here and there others joined her. My new pull no punches favourite asked if I was one of those healthy people? Haha. I said, well of course, it keeps me away from the chocolate box {you know those in office, for charity snack boxes? Those things are the devil, just quietly, sorry charity}. She said, I LOVE the chocolate box. I think we can still be besties. No problem at all.

Then before I knew it, it was done. The juice and my break. I was returning to a full afternoon feeling refreshed and revived. Full too. Nothing like that emptiness you feel after a less suitable choice of meal. And I knew, no matter what, I’d be okay there. These people would get me too. I might be the new kid now but that won’t last forever.

So how do you introduce your green smoothie drinking, hipster self to a new office environment? You just take it and drink it and hope your people are as cool as mine.

HA. Happy Friday folks! x

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