I don’t know how this happened. There was a time that I would have considered myself discerning when it came to movies. An expert and connoisseur, of sorts. Then The Christmas Prince happened and it’s like I’ve developed the taste of a teenage girl when it comes to movies. But especially when it comes to…

Netflix Original movies.

I don’t know if it’s because my mind needs some mindless entertainment or what, but there’s no Netflix Original movie that I don’t love. Love to hate, in a lot of ways, but still, love. It was only earlier today as I watched The Set Up, the latest in a long line, that I realised I was obsessed.

I’ve seen them all. The Christmas movies. Then the teenage movies. The next lot of teenage movies. The Adam Sandler movies that would 100% have not ‘made it’ in the movies. Luckily the best part about these movies is that they can be watched anywhere (hello, Netflix app) and they don’t require a huge amount of concentration or effort to watch.

So, the bingeing continues.

This is me, asking you, to help me (or commiserate? Maybe that’s a thing?). I worry that given the amount of content I’m consuming that is aimed at the teenage audience, I might just regress into some description of teenage brain. If I start saying ‘as if’ you know it’s happening. Send help. And documentaries about adulty adult stuff.

Or popcorn, you could totally send popcorn. Haha.

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