As a fashion blogger with a not so average body type, it’s common that I’m told that I’m brave. Pull on some swimwear and well, brave it the word of the day. I get what you’re saying. Really, I do, and I’m usually okay with that kind of comment. But here’s the thing, not really. It’s an outfit photo, not a war zone.

And you see, I’m not brave.

What I am is determined and stubborn and I don’t think that I’m ‘less than’ someone else because of the body I was born into. That’s an essential point. Yes, I have hang ups about my body, how it looks and what other people think about it. But who doesn’t? I refuse to believe that a body makes me fundamentally flawed as a person.

When I share an outfit in bodycon, a photo in my underwear or a swimwear photo it’s just me. I’m sharing my life and style (because everyone loves a good shopping tip) with the ladies that read this blog. I say ladies because the majority of the dudes here don’t come for the fashion.


And what’s the point of telling you I’m not brave? Well, I know for some of you that stands in your way. You love the idea of wearing swimwear to swim but don’t do it. Some of you have said that you love the look of a curvy woman in a pencil skirt, but not on you. No way, no thanks. You attribute my ability to wear these things as a character trait or a bravery that you don’t have.

But I’m telling you now, that’s not it. I promise. Sure, those first steps take something. Just like making it through the break when you’re swimming out in the ocean. But get past this idea that you deserve less, are not worthy or broken and you’ll see, it’s just living. Piece by piece it’ll fall into place. There are still battles to face but they become something else to do while you’re living.

Give it a shot.

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