We watch all the things in this house. Mostly in the background {man I wish we listened to more music, must implement that} and you know what makes THE BEST background tv? Sport. Tennis, cricket, and now, The Winter Olympics! There are plenty who will complain about the sheer volume of coverage of such things. But not me. Not me because it’s a beautiful, beautiful break from all the man shows on 7Mate.

And then there’s these…

I mean come on. If you don’t look at those and get a little misty eyed then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I see these and I see people who committed to something, dreamed about big things and then went out there and did whatever it took to have them be real. Joyousness people. These photos are full of joy. We all need something in our lives that we are striving for. Something that will have us do things and be things we never thought we could be or do. It gives you life, I think.

My big dream is to be a published writer, to be independently wealthy and to be a confident, supportive and loyal wife, daughter, sister, cousin and friend. So how will I know when I’ve made it? Well the first two are obvious. When I hold my first book in my hot little hands and when I can resume my retirement. The third is a little more difficult, I feel like it’ll be the one I look back on in the end {given the opportunity} and smile.

I’m hoping YOU have a big dream, do you want to share it with me? 

photos via Popsugar.

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