Oh yeah, it happened. I went out, I wandered the shops, I had a coffee and I did the things I normally do and the whole time a piece of my stomach was showing and, gasp, no one cared. Mel from Curvy Cartel has a closet full of crop tops so I blame her for this current situation. It’s much too cold for crop tops at the moment but I just couldn’t resist any longer. Spring, where are you!? Come to Mama. The addition of the jacket was a must.

Can we just for a  moment admire my pale midriff? This coming summer {where ARE you?} I plan to get some sun on this old belly of mine. Not deliberate sun baking type sun but the type that comes from just letting it all hang out. I’m throwing caution to the wind. I sort of HAVE to. What with all the crop outfits you can see on our plus fashion friends in the US and UK I can tell it’s not a trend going anywhere soon. I for one am ready to embrace it.

I posted a photo of this outfit, sort of deconstructed though, on Instagram last night and sent it through to Facebook. I know some of you were a little surprised at how well this works. Maybe even a little bit tempted to make it work for yourself perhaps? Well I hope you give it a try if you it’s something you’ve considered but discounted for whatever reason. Start with a jacket or vest over and work up to it. See how you go.

Varsity Jacket – Forever 21+ {sold out – try here}
T-Shirt Crop – ASOS Curve {sold out – try here}
Skater Skirt – Boohoo +
Ankle Boots – Target Australia

Will you be getting your midriff out this spring? Summer? Now?


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