I gave it up and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It had to happen, to be honest, I’d outgrown it. There were times when I thought it was still the best thing for more. The comfort of it, the well-known familiarity of what I’ve always known. But it wasn’t good for me anymore.

It wasn’t the wine, it was me.

And no, I didn’t give it up entirely. I gave up drinking cheap wine sourced from the bottle shop drive-thru. It happened all of a sudden one day; I’d decided enough was enough and I was done. The cheap wine gave me hangovers and smelt kind of funny. It required ice to be palatable. Something you can get away with in Queensland but is still a little uni-student for my grown up liking.

I just gave it up. I replaced it with a more maturely priced bottle. Something that perhaps I wouldn’t find as easy to justify on those weeknights when things were just not going my way. Real, grown-up wine for my grown-up, thirty-five-year-old ass. I’ve moved on. My work here, and it was extensive, is done.

I choose good things for myself.

Nice things. Things that don’t taste like ass and ruin me that just happen to be cheap. Cheap and cheerful I used to call them. But apparently after all these years not so cheerful anymore. I just decided I wanted better for myself. Not because I think there’s anything wrong with that cheap wine I used to love. Nope, I’m just moving on. The next stage of my life awaits.

Right? Haha.


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