The enemy of a Budget Fashionista is the overstuffed closet. As soon as you can’t see something you don’t think to wear it and when you don’t wear it, it’s a waste. The first step for anyone looking to overhaul their wardrobe is to clean out their closet. We all know HOW to clean out our closet but knowing doesn’t mean doing.

There’s usually one little thing that gets in the way at least once. The emotional attachment to something you own. Maybe you wore it while doing something for the first time, maybe it reminds you of a certain friend or loved one, maybe you’ve had it for 15 years now in the hope of fitting back into it. Whatever the emotional hold it has over you it’s time to cut the cord.

Gulp. Don’t freak out. Hang in there with me.

I’m not saying throw away your Mum’s wedding dress or the t-shirt you picked up from your first concert. Nope, I’m not saying that at all. I love a good treasure as much as the next person. But be realistic with how many of those you are keeping. Separate them aside and move onto phase two.

Physically go into your closet {or stand at the door if it’s not walk in, it will be rather cramped otherwise} and work out how many items you are keeping for that one perfect occasion, until it fits better or until you body magically changes to make it work for you. Separate these things out in some way. They are going. Short version. But not today.

Leave only the clothes that you wear in your closet. The rest is sentimental. Maybe the clothes you REALLY wear are already in the washing/folding pile. That’s a good start. If they are in rotation, they can stay. I have too many knits and t-shirts that I never wear. I keep them for some far away day where I may be too hot or too cold and have nothing to wear.

Then bundle everything that it not being worn or is not a timeless family heirloom up {don’t make eye contact!} and put them into boxes or containers labelled tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, miscellaneous. They are not going yet, so breathe a little easier. We are going to see if you REALLY don’t wear them.

Put the unused {and unwanted, are you there yet?} in your garage or storage area for a set amount of time. I recommend 3 months, but Hubby says I’m a hoarder. Forget about them unless you find yourself looking for something to wear and you find that you need something. Then go to the box and look for it there first. Don’t remove anything but that item, seal the box up and return them to storage.

After the time has lapsed give those boxes to your local charity shop or give them to a friend. You could sell them, but watch out that they don’t make their way back into your closet. Weasel their way back in. You don’t love them. You don’t need them. It’s time to break up with them. I’m asking you to quit them cold turkey.

You REALLY don’t need them.

They are weighing you down.

Holding you back.

Let them go.

Say goodbye, thanks for the memories and walk away.

It’s time. It’s not you, it’s THEM. Ha.

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