I am certainly what you would call resourceful. Maybe not in a survival type environment built when it comes to an office I am the queen of resourceful. You need me to locate something, I can do it. Find a file lost since the beginning of time, I’m your girl. The short version is, resourceful is useful.

So how do you do that? How do you train yourself to be resourceful? I decided that I would make my best attempt at answering that with a few easy things to do that will train you to be more resourceful. Office Bear Grylls style. So if you’re ready, raring to go, willing and sort of able… Let’s go!

No one is coming. Ever.

Most of the problems that come from not being resourceful, not being able to operate on your own or under your own management is that too often we get caught up waiting for instruction. It’s like when Tom Hanks is on the island in Castaway. At first, he sleeps on the beach and makes help signs… Then at some point he realises that no one is coming and if he is getting off that island, he’ll have to do it. Being resourceful is like that. Sure ask for guidance and instructions, but never let that stand in the way of you getting off that island.

Think outside the box. Every box ever thought of. Then think outside the box some more.

Part of being resourceful is coming up with ideas when it feels like every idea has been thought of, discussed and discounted. Sometimes when you are looking at that piece in the puzzle you can’t see it for the all discarded ideas. Take this time to do something else, something menial {dishes always works for me} and think it through. Get creative, brainstorm and consider all possibilities, especially the ridiculous.

If you’re there, you can do it, then do it.

So you’re looking at a tipped over bin of shredding, watching the tiny scraps start to dance in the breeze and wondering who is going to clean it up? Well my friend, there is no better time than now and there is no one better than you to go ahead and do it. Seriously, most people would walk past and hope like help someone else does it before they are asked to.

Time and time again I hear people rave about this ‘going above and beyond’ quality that is as simple as, if you can do it, do it. Don’t mess around, stop wasting time, get started.

What WOULD Macgyver do?

So all you have is a paper clip, a rubber band and a bundle of piles almost your height and you have to get them sorted, now what? Haha. You know that sort of thing. Being frugal with your resources, making the most of what you have and turning it into something is essential.

I worked with a woman who reused everything. Bins were old paper boxes, shopping bags were the liners. Printed emails became mulch for her gardens and chook pen. Waste not, want not is part of being resourceful. Because if you mange your resources, are reasonable about using them and inventive about reusing them then you really are resource-full, full of resources.

Sometimes it’s better to assume and get on with it.

You know me, I’m a big fan of quoting the if you assume, you make an ass out of you and me thing but sometimes, on the road to being resourceful you need to. The predicting what people will want and delivering it thing is a big indicator of a productive, resourceful person.

Say you are in an office and a person who is in the role that requires you to fetch tea and coffee and the same people have the same thing every single day. Tomorrow you go in and ask them if they would like one, how about a biscuit and you will have met a need before it was expressed. How very resourceful of you. Yes? Should we send flowers for that funeral, will they need umbrellas when it rains, where is the next stationary order or has anyone reviewed the pricing of fleet insurance. Obviously this also applies to bigger situations too.

And that’s about it {for now? Maybe.} get out there team and be resourceful. And if you are already a killer resource of resourcefulness, well share your tips with us. I’m always keen to know more! 

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