It wasn’t that long ago that I was taking my seat amongst 450 other bloggers at the ProBlogger training event. The room was packed to the brim and there were people everywhere. If you’re anything like me that’s confronting. All those people, new faces, possibly judgie faces. Ha. So how when training is delivered in groups predominately, do you get the most out of an experience like ProBlogger if you HATE being in large groups of people?

Well do I have the post for you.

No steak knives.

To be confident in groups you have to remember one thing. One teeny tiny thing. And that one thing is that humans are a bit like snakes. You know how when you’re a kid your parents told you that snakes are way more scared of you than you are of them. Make some noise, let them know you’re there and you’ll be fine. Well it turns out that humans are the same, especially in a group.

Most people are sitting or standing in the corner a little bit afraid, waiting for someone to talk to them. No really. If you’ve ever gotten brave and spoken to someone MOST of them audibly sigh with relief and join the conversation. Except the ones pretending to be too cool to be impacted by the crowd. I find that once I have a friendly face in the crowd, even just one, the world looks different.

And would you look at this, I’d thought that this would be a list post with lots of tips and tricks but it turns out that one is all it takes. One simple yet oh so complicated tip. Everyone’s afraid. Everyone. So be the one to make someone else feel at home and find yourself there as well. It’s funny how that works. The caring about others more than yourself thing. How in the end you end up taken care of too.


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