This is the second post I’ve written today. The first one had to be set aside while I cool off a bit. It’s in time out. You know, while I decide if I’m going to post it or if writing it was enough. I’m not the shoot from the hip blogger I once was. I’m considered now. Thoughtful even. And let’s face it, I need to work out if I could be sued by anyone. But, there’s no time in this daily blog thing for THAT. So here I am.

How is this challenge hard already?

Brace yourself, we’re throwing it back old school and I’m going with a random rambling. Shout out to Lori, wherever she is out there on the interwebs. Which is fitting because yesterday I was taking a walk down memory lane with some of the ladies who join in Denyse’s blog link up. This week they’re sharing the origin stories of their blogs. I had no idea, but isn’t that just the way the universe lines up sometimes!? Perfect, just what I needed.

In other news, today I was at work and everything seemed like an idea for a post. Which means it’s totally working! It’s happening. I’m becoming a blogger again. That didn’t take long, maybe they were right, it really is just like riding a bike. Look at me go!

For example, I was wearing a uniform polo shirt today. Yup, it was as weird as you might imagine. Especially since it was coloured in shades of orange and blue that can only be described as from the highlighter family. I’m blind, from t-shirt glare, so that story might have to wait.

Try not to be too disappointed in me. If you behave, I’ll Insta Story a pic next time.

Then on the way home, it started to rain and as I drove it occurred to me that rain makes me happy. Reading while it rains outside is probably my favourite thing. As I drove I pondered how nice it might be to spend my hour or two this afternoon reading instead of my usual YouTube catch up. So nice.

But then I got home and continued to watch 30 something YouTube celebs do, buy and test stupid stuff. I don’t know how this became my life. It turns out, Casey Neistat and his daily vlogs really were a gateway drug to YouTube frivolities. But of course, I didn’t listen. I swore I was there to learn. Now, look at me!

I mean, I’m inches away from buying an Xbox and starting a Twitch stream. Dear lord.

But I guess it’s okay. Right? I could be watching the Paul Brothers. FML. But anyway, as much as I feel like I should be doing something more productive, it works for me to rest and recharge in the afternoons before I get back to work. My thirty-something YouTubers and I are still getting it done. Speaking of done, I think that could be about it for this random ramble.

If you liked this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, leave a comment and if you’re new here, consider subscribing! Joking, not joking. Until tomorrow; peace out. (I know, I hate this version of me too, I’m sorry. Haha). 



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