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To say that the Queensland girls like to get together, hang out, talk shop and take photos would be an understatement. The weekend fell together in the way that these things do and pretty soon Liv, Desiree and Mel were coming over for a sleepover {my sister Amanda Claire and her baby son came too} and plans were underway for what we would shoot this time. The Cut for Evans gear had been such a huge success, we had planned {after wine} to do a Beyonce’esque single ladies shoot featuring our current obsession… The bodysuit.

Well Liv planned, we all grudgingly agreed. Then later that week I was approached by Harlow only days before the ANZAC Day long weekend kicked off asking if I thought the ladies would be interested in taking some photos in the new season items. I shot off a message to our Facebook group chat and the answer was YES. A big, fat yes. Game on. It turns out we drank too much wine and the single ladies photos never happened. Probably not a bad idea since none of us are actually single. Awkward.

But the Harlow photos happened. Oh yes they did. Check. The. Out. 

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My outfit {there’s a second one coming up later next week} featured the Rapture Faux Wrap Skirt and the Electra Blouse in white. I tucked the blouse in, of course. Well derr. It’s soft and silky and floaty. Perfect for layering and it suits my style down to the ground. The lines of this skirt are perfect for it. The ponte fabric of the skirt fits well and even with the flash you can see that the extra layer {the pleather faux wrap panel} gives it a nice line. I’m wearing the 22 in the skirt and a 20 in the blouse. Both beautiful pieces, ones I plan to wear a lot!

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Harlow Australia 2014 winter 001

Oh yeah, did I mentioned the Moto Pants are BACK!? I haven’t seen them on the site yet, but they are coming folks. Be ready. I love these things. This is the gorgeous Olivia wearing them with her signature sheer blouse with only a bra under look. So great. As soon as I knew that Harlow could send Liv the pants, I knew she would rock a look just like this. Liv is wearing the 20 and while they give a little the ponte will keep you looking good. For her review of the pieces make sure you check in with her blog Wait Until the Sunset.

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And then there are Mel and Desiree. Both new to this whole fashion blogging business and both really great sports. They even manage to pull off looking quite at home in the group photos, don’t you think? Gorgeous. A big thank you to the girls for being so cool. I know the lure of the gear from Harlow was a strong draw card, but I’m going to pretend it was because we are OBVIOUSLY the bestest of best friends. Now, about their outfits, right?

Mel {on the left} is wearing the Electra Blouse in Black and the Don’t Cross My Path Maxi. this outfit was a popular one with the girls. The Electra blouses are pretty darn fab and that stripe maxi was on almost everyone’s list. In fact my sister requested this one too, but alas, had to leave before photos were taken. I’ll get her though. I wore this maxi for some photos later {white my white blouse} and I’ll be sharing those in another post. Find Mel on Instagram.

Desiree {on the right} is wearing the Scuba Leggings {in a L/20} and she was really happy with the look and fit of them. Desiree wears a leggings/tunic combo often for her work so she was super excited that these babies fit so well. Desiree is normally a 22/24 in pants so keep that in mind when ordering. The top is the Oversized Diva Hilo top in red {only available in black online at the moment} and it was SUCH a great colour on her. In fact it inspired the monochrome with pops of red styling. Find Desiree on Instagram {for now} because some slacker hasn’t finished her new website yet {me}.

And now for some more fun!

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