Hiya folks! I just wanted to share a peek at the set up for our Halloween party Friday night. Lots and lots of junk food, fake cobwebs and spooky orange’ness. FUN. You see my sister-in-law Jess is born on Halloween. And every few years we have a birthday dinner for her with costumes, creepy things and fake blood. Lots and lots of fake blood.

This year Australia was certainly much more on board than previous years. I’m completely okay with that. It made buying useless crap SO much easier. I know others aren’t. Not so much anyway. But you know what? Another reason to entertain friends, party and laugh. I’m onboard with that. Though don’t get me wrong I wish it wasn’t so easy to get onboard with the whole spending crap loads of money. Which we did. Willingly. Maybe I’ll make it more low key next time. Haha.

I’m off! Enjoy all the piccies.

halloween birthday party australia-5

Happy birthday Jess!


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