Post One #innovativebeauty challenge – Voices of 2014

As part of the challenge, Garnier gave us a few sample products and a list of prompt ideas around the theme of #innovativebeauty. I consider my blog more fashion and lifestyle than fashion and beauty so I sat and stared at those products for ages thinking, holy heck how do people make this stuff interesting. I use hair dye, so course I do, but then so do you. Well, maybe. What now?

I’ve even shared my most disastrous home hair experience with you all… I frowned a little more and decided that it’s hair and hair fits perfectly into the change prompt for me. My hair changes often, from one conservative extreme to another. My hair is hair that wouldn’t recognise itself in the mirror some weeks. I know because I do it after a change. Catch myself on the way past and think, is that me?

When things are in need of a shake-up, I like to change my hair. When the seasons change and the idea of new clothes to wear comes over me, I change my hair. When I don’t feel like buying any new clothes, but I need something different, I change my hair. Heck, once I was in the shops with my sister and just decided that it was time to change my hair.

plus size outfit with torrid denim jeans-6

A change is as good as a holiday; they say. Not sure I agree because a tropical island getaway looks mighty fine to me right now, but moving on. Ha. I stand behind hair being one of those things you can use to change your entire look in a few hours. My hair has been long and short, straight, curly and wavy. A range of colours within the spectrum of ‘natural’ colours and on one occasion, pink.

It occurred to me though that for some people it’s not as simple as that. This year my sister dyed her blonde hair a strawberry blonde colour. She kept it this colour for a few months but has recently returned to her signature colour, white blonde. She has had some slight variation of this colour for the majority of her life. First as a child when it was natural, then as a teen when it became her thing. It’s part of her style now; it suits her personality and boosts it in some ways. For her, changing her hair took something big.

So today, I’m going to ask you which is it for you. Are you and your hair colour easily changed? Or do you act slowly when it comes to your hair, considering your choices and leaping when the time is right? Let’s talk about changing our hair colour, maybe even your style and then my job here is done and my faux beauty blogger moment can be done for now. Haha.

Oh but are you wondering what my current hair colour is? It’s my sample colour actually, Iced Chocolate from the Olia by Garnier range and it looks a little something like this…

Hair changes? Are you the quick and the sometimes dead (like me and my past hair disasters) or slow and steady wins the race? 

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