My grey hair is actually washing out like no one’s business. I’m pretty much a golden girl now and I’m with that. My Aunty Dell and I could pass for sisters, not a bad trade my Mother and Aunt barely age, like ever. I’ll take it.

But before that went down I had one of those rainy days where all a girl needs is some comfy layers but what she gets is a visit to her accountant to finalise a tax return or two (personal and business because we ALL know I learnt my lesson when it comes to lodging my returns on time). There were papers to sign and appointments to make. Things to shuffle around and general patience required, of which we all know I have none.


But what saves me in times like this isn’t bouncy salon fresh hair (a little too salon fresh I sort of felt like I was going to prom) it’s slouchy layers. Slouch and shades of black, white and grey with denim. Always with denim. Uniform, sorted. It’s my go-to look and if you ran across me at the local shops (some of you have, oh hiya) then this is exactly what you’d see me wearing.

And sometimes my pjs. But let’s not talk about THAT.

I’ve had feedback from people who have unsubscribed from the blog saying they’re just not that into the way my style has developed since I started blogging about it. And I’m ok with that, or try to be. But that’s the thing, it’s so personal, so about what you like and what works for you AND your lifestyle, that it really can’t be up to anyone but me in the end.

Your style is always going to be about you if you stop listening to what other say you should and shouldn’t do. Heck, even my style bundle set out some framework for YOU to decide what you like, curate the wardrobe of your dreams (you know, sooner or later) and maintain it with the push and pull of current trends. So I guess that’s my point here. If YOU are struggling working out your go-to look, your everyday style to pinch a phrase, then start with what you like and go from there.

Because, even if it traditionally sucks, if other people think you’re not stylish at all, at least you’re wearing what you love. Right? I think I’m totally right on this.

plus size fashion australia 17 sundays layers plus size fashion australia 17 sundays layers plus size fashion australia 17 sundays layers

Wearing 17 Sundays Back Beat Jacquard Knit (gifted/stolen when visiting), BASIC tank, the much coveted white joggers (previous season). 

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