The place I grew up is beautiful. One of those places that takes your heart and keeps it. There are farms everywhere and I grew up on one myself. Not with cows or animals of any sort. Pineapples. Hundreds and hundreds of acres of pineapples. It’s a very hard task indeed to not crack a smile when I see them to this day. It was a charmed life. It wasn’t always easy, nor did it go to plan and I had my heart cut out and handed to me on more than one occasion.

Dramatic? Yeah probably but if you live in a small rural town you know the heart breaks that can occur in a tight-knit community like that. The wins and losses of the people around you are part of yours too. The beauty of the place acts as simple and somewhat overshadowed backdrop to the hearts and welcoming smiles of community here. That’s what happens in small towns. That’s why people come here and that’s why some stay. I love my hometown. I’m kinda of chuffed to get to share a little sneak peek of it with you.

Now let’s take a closer look at the physical beauty, shall we?

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Have you visited the Mary Valley? You should.


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