This post is titled Girl Gang for one reason and one reason only. And that reason is that this tee, this super slouchy varsity tee, just reminds me of the good things. It’s everything I love about team sports, the friends you make online, monochrome, and it’s a giant f-u to everyone who has ever told me how to dress. I’m in a girl gang. A girl gang who wear what they want, say what they please and kick some butt.

Do you want in?

You have to be a little brave. Try new things. You have to sports luxe like a pro because it’s in your bones. You have to work hard, play hard and enjoy a good slice of pizza for breakfast sometimes. For my girl gang, you have to hold your head high in the place and time you’re in. Embrace what makes you you and run with it. Heck. Run down the street like a mad person screaming it.

And no, this isn’t a mean girls-esque scenario. You cans it with us. But it IS about how you make other women feel about themselves and how you feel about yourself. And what you want out of the life you’re living. If you love 90s movies and wouldn’t miss a rerun for the world. If you celebrated when runners came into actual, real live style. If you laugh with your head, back and your mouth open because SHIT that was funny. That’s what it is to be a girl gang.

Girl Gang. You know you want in. Welcome home.

Oversized Varsity Tee – 17 Sundays – Get yours via MYER {gifted – size L}

And can we for a moment admire the slouch on this tee? Is it not perfection. I cannot WAIT until it does the fade it was designed to do. You know that washed out, I wore my tee to bed a billion times, and now it’s lived in the thing? This tee is designed to do that. What a boss. I know the team has copped a bit of flack about that with returns and such (I saw a conversation on Instagram). But lean into it folks, it’s the way it was always meant to be. A shirt like this is just better with the gloss off.

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