Mmmmm. Yum. This week’s inspiration comes to you via my currently being renovated kitchen. I’ve chosen some new tiles, Mr Suger finished the cut through to the dining/living room… It’s all happening and I’m dreaming of dinner parties. Of having people over, of cooking and eating for and with friends. Food. This week it is all about food.

The thing I love most about food is that with a little preparation, some research and a good knife or two you can make something special. I’m not an artist, if you’ve seen me draw you’ll testify, but when I cook I get to be creative. Artistic even and inventive. Lashings of colour and texture, spices and flavours. It’s inspiring, don’t you think?

Find all these delicious pins and inspiration on my Fooding and Drinking Board on Pinterest. You’re welcome team. This board has taken me a long time to curate into this colourful, delicious world that it is. I’m a bit nervous sharing it actually. Isn’t that strange? Do me a favour, love it, would you.

What’s inspiring YOU this week? Wanna come to dinner?

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