bonfire friday night, family fun

I loved growing up in the country. I love living in a fairly central version of the country now. Most of all, I love fires. And yes, I meant to say that out loud. I really do like fires. Around here when the weather is cold my bestie and I head out and burn stuff, then crack a couple of beverages and talk about life while our ‘On Fire’ playlist plays. I’ve talked about that playlist before but for those of you who are new, this playlist includes only songs that have the word FIRE in them. It’s a fire playlist.

For when life needs serious discussions.

You can talk about anything around a fire. Disagree until your heart’s content and then continue on with the next topic. Things get real when the light of the screen is replaced by the roaring flicker of your very own fire. Despite the surrounding darkness you will always be seen for who you really are when you sit around the fire.

I challenge you to find a country kid who doesn’t have a gut tingling, heart shivering tale of young love that involves a fire. Fireside, anything is possible. The rose in your cheeks, the softly lit glow, the quiet moments to connect and be honest and open. Hearts are won around a fire, memories are made and the possibilities of a future are created.

Lay back on your back sometime, with a rock for your pillow, legs flat-out in front of you and stare at the sky. Watch those tiny pieces of ash flutter and mingle with the stars before landing gently on your face like warn snow. Stare at that sky surrounded by warmth and you tell me that life isn’t good and simple. What goes up must come down.

Feel the warmth of the fire envelope you like a warm hug from your favourite person. Dream a little. Imagine what is next for you and what there could be to see other there in that vast world beyond the stars. Consider those who are also looking at those same stars and our remarkably common human experience. We want to be warmed, to feel safe, to be loved.

Forget everything else, anything is possible fireside.


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