Okay so you’re going to think I’m a weirdo. It’s okay, the realization that this is not something normal people do occurred to me earlier today. For the very first time! I have a playlist of songs with the word fire in them. It’s called, the fire playlist. Obviously. There’s a perfectly logical reason behind it, I promise, but let’s just let that sink in for a moment shall we?

I blame my BFF Matt. We like to burn things.

Oh goodness, this isn’t getting any better, is it? What I mean is we like to set up in some camping chairs, light a fire, play some music, chat and drink a few beverages. We like like fires. But that’s not why we started a playlist, that happened one random night, by a fire. Of course. iPhones in hand we were debating the lyrics to ‘Beds are Burning’ by Midnight Oil.

Then we moved on to that Billy Joel song, Adele’s set fire to the rain, than Johnny Cash etc etc etc.

A playlist was born.

That’s sort of normal, right? Naaah, it totally isn’t. Haha. It’s funny how something can seem totally normal to you one minute and then you download the Ed Sheeran, I see fire song from the Hobbit to add to your pyro playlist and you realise. Uh oh, I think this is a wee bit strange. How very unusual of me. How weird. How very me. Haha!

It’s time folks, confess your playlist sins. Tell me the weirdest playlist on your mp3 player. Are you a pyro like me? 

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