With a busy mind, like mine, finding quiet can be almost impossible. I look for it in places most people would avoid like cafes or crowded public spaces. The bustle of the crowd, at a distance, is my preference, allows quiet inside the there’s a hum outside. It’s why I’ve always found comfort in writing in public spaces; just a face in the crowd.

When that doesn’t work I seek quiet in nature. Something I’m sure comes from my childhood spent on the farm. The quiet I find when we pack the car and head to the beach is unmeasurable. In-measurable? Some kind of not measurable, anyway. The release of my responsibilities and the weight of being an adult starts to slide away as we jump in the car and drive.

There’s nothing I love more.

Find me in the afternoon in my camp chair, shaded by a tree, tapping away on my laptop or reading a book. Accompanied by the quiet noise of the ocean crashing; my own personal white noise machine. The texture of the sand under my feet reassuring and soft. As the minutes pass I can feel my shoulders lower, my mind quieten and finally, I can hear my own thoughts above the rush of daily life. I’ve found it; my quiet.

Are you finding quiet?

The feedback from my phone social media use post last week was that there are a lot of us that find ourselves caught. There are so many ways that the outside world is present in our everyday lives; finding time for ourselves can be difficult. Some of you have little people or are surrounded by people a lot. Whatever is happening for you, I hope you’re dining time to check in with yourself.  To find the quiet.

Do you look for it far and wide or does it come easily to you?

It was suggested that I try meditating, and I’m sure it WOULD help. But I just can’t seem to get there with the whole thing. Maybe I should try again, it’s been a while since I tried. It would be nice to take quiet with me sometimes. To not have to find it. For it to be in me. For now, I’ll seek it out. Look for it in the afternoons and warm, summer days. I’m sure to find it there. And one day, maybe it will show up in me too. Though, until then, it’s a great excuse to get out more.


Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash


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