I have a thing for leggings. I love them. Too many years of having to choose between whether pants fit me at the waist or in the leg left me a little OVER the whole button digging into my belly, saggy leg, can’t there be something in the middle, dear God someone help me, thing. So leggings and I, we are good. Great in fact.

But around here you don’t get a lot of leggings weather. Not really. Sure you can pull on tights any old time you like but you can’t really build an outfit around them. Though to be honest between the gym and schlepping around the shops, I’m not adverse to the old leggings as pants thing. Crotch covered rule.

Anywaaaaaaay {the point, Suger, the point!}. Now is the time. It’s started. Now I can finally, finally wear leggings any whenever I want to and it’s finally time. It’s finally leggings season. I know because I woke up the other day and my first thought was, oh my nose is cold. That’s the official test. Dontcha know.

plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-5 plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-7 plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-1

I’m wearing the new cocoon shrug from 17 Sundays for like the fifth day in the row here. Hubby literally stood over me and made me hand it over to put it through the wash. Geeeez, such a clean freak. Haha. Short version is the silky feel and the drape of it is pretty darn amazing. And the print just makes me smile. It actually reminds me of Claire from 17 Sundays, there’s something very her about it. Which makes sense since she designs them all. Derr.

But really what you want to know is about those leggings and why I feel like it’s okay to wear them as pants, right? Demanding bunch you are. Well these are the ASOS Curve pleated leggings in a UK24 SHORT. Yup. You read that right, short. I wanted them to crop at the ankle {because ankle freezing weather is few and far between here} so I could wear my ankle strap favourties with them. A great choice I think because they are perfect. They get a little large around the thighs after sitting in them a while, but I’ll forgive them. Love them. Well worth the measy sum they are charging for them. You’re welcome.

plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-2 plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-6

Longline Top – Target Australia
Unhook the Stars Cocoon Shrug – 17 Sundays
Pleated Leggings – ASOS Curve
Ankle Strap Heels – Target Australia {thanks Liv!}


plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-4

Leggings as pants, yes?


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