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I’ve been thinking about dresses. A random post, I know, but since I posted about that maxi dress that wasn’t really me, I’ve wondered if maybe I’m not a dress girl at all. And why that is.

Maybe it’s the constant search that is shopping online. We’ve talked about special occasion dressing, and that’s a big one. But what about the constant struggle that is a fitting work dress, or a simple an affordable summer dress? When on a lot of occasions when restricted to shopping online the love of these simple finds can drive you crazy. That’s absolutely the case for me.

But then, dresses are just so girly! Haha. That was my problem with that printed maxi, all low cut, ruffles and flowing hemlines. I’m more a sneakers and leggings as pants kind of girl. We all have things we like or don’t I suppose, but for me, it took me time to find a look I liked. And you know what, that’s ok. It’s the whole point. You know me, I love the team at 17 Sundays and their slouchy, classic look. It’s my thing. Have you found yours?

I speak to a lot of plus size women, and I know this is something that comes up in conversation a lot. Dresses, the styles and what works and doesn’t work. How to wear them, should you cinch the waist, how low-cut is too low cut? The only advice I have is to find whatever works for you and go with that. Change your mind as often as you like. Follow trends or don’t. Decide what you want and go for it.

You know, just like in life.

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