As part of the new blog plan, I decided I wanted to share a monthly favourites type posts. Not just for products and things to consume, but for small businesses, I’ve found content creators I love, and spaces that need a little more light shone on them. It may be personal (this month my brother got engaged, so that’s here!) and sometimes it’s more significant (like sharing The Great Unlearn as a resource in these times). I hope through this post, you’ll find someone or something new to love, get involved in or share. Let’s get started with my May 2020 Favourites, shall we?



Favourite Thing That Happened This Month

My baby brother is getting married! Dean proposed to his partner Emma in May, and they are planning a wedding for later in the year. An exciting time for the family as we welcome Emma and her daughter Milly to the fam; officially.



Favourite Style

Kelly Augustine is a long time favourite of mine, and her content just gets better and better. Interested in plus fashion looks and big boob realness? Start here. Always inspiring and ahead of the trend curve. A must-follow account.



Favourite Course

The Great Unlearn is, in their words, a community of everyday human beings committed to curiosity for what is possible in the world. Monthly self-paced syllabi curated by @rachel.cargle. If you are genuinely interested in learning, or in this case, unlearning what you have been taught about race, community and what is possible, start here. And if you have the means, please consider supporting this work with your money.


never have i ever - netflix

Favourite Thing to Watch

Now I’m just over here waiting for the next season of Never Have I Ever like a fool. This was every bit as charming and beautiful as they said it was. I can’t wait where they take this to in the next season and the upcoming season after that. Did Teen Dramas get cool or what?



Favourite Beverage

After returning from our cruise last year, I’d developed a taste for higher shelf vodka. Unable to return to the others, I sought out something more reasonably priced that I could enjoy with soda. Enter VDKA 6100, made in NZ so practically local, which I bought for the branding, of course. My new favourite vodka so much so that the collection of empties is becoming a bit of a ‘thing’.


Favourite Maker

Frocks and FrouFrou isn’t your standard expectation for this category. I know when I put in here, I was expecting to include someone who sells the stuff they make. But with May being a sort of Maker Month on the ‘gram, I was hooked on Lily’s outfits (including items she made) and had to share. People who can sew, so freaking talented, right?


Favourite Aesthetic

Finnley Home is a brand new business owned by the son of my one you fine folks. When this proud Mumma shared the page via my DMs, I was so impressed by their branding and Instagram that I added a whole new category to share in the Favourites post. Yes, the shop has heaps of great homewares that I absolutely need for my home, but that aesthetic though…


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Swipe for the entire story. @david.k.north you’re a gem and are relationship goals! Thanks for sharing your uncles with the world @kareports

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Favourite Thing on the Internet

The Uncle Davids is the best, most heart-warming, charming thing I saw on the internet in May. Make sure if the embedded post isn’t working that you head over and scrolling through the whole album. Have your heart warmed by these fine fellows.



Favourite Blog Post

Bringing it with what the people want, Stylish Curves put together a post featuring 55+ Black-Owned Plus Size Clothing Stores for you to put your money where your mouth (Instagram post?) is. Black women have always been the rightful leaders of the body positive movement; learn more about that, support them and the ways they choose to monetise that. Support fashion from black women instead of the brands that use their ideas and profit from them.


Favourite New Find

Buon Clothing is making all your 90s teen dreams come true. Want a colour block jumper to fulfil your heart’s desire? Start here. With sizing ranging from 3XS to 8XL, they have most of us covered. Now excuse me while I go order that black/grey/white combo in the grid or should I get the pink/purple/grey? Decisions, decisions.



That was May 2020, team. What a month it was. With the world changing around us, and the growing pains that come with that, I hope this offers you some relief. And if you have a favourite you want me to check out, send them through! I want to make this a monthly post (usually delivered closer to the first of each new month focused on the month before).

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