You know how the song goes; these are a few of my favourite things! But to be honest, I can’t believe that the end of June came around so quickly. But here we are, and I learned a few things from last month to make sure this month is a little more interesting. These Favourites posts are about getting the opportunity to share what I’ve been enjoying for the month, about sharing with you accounts and vendors that I think will be interesting to you.


My June Favourites


Favourite Style – The Big Fashion Guy

I was thinking about men the other day. Which may seem like an unusual way to start a sentence, but here we are. I was thinking about my post for plus-sized teens and how it doesn’t include stores for boys. As part of that energy, I went hunting for plus-size male influencers online and found some great ones. The Big Fashion Guy included. Cool, stylish with all that on-trend magic. Everything I miss about fashion blogging (yes, I do miss it) with a great smile too boot. If there is someone out there who is inspiring me to get back into my jeans, they have to be worth it. Even better, he created an account called Men of Size, which is full of big, beautiful, men from all over the world. You can’t argue with THAT.


Favourite Beverage – Good Pair Days

I joined Good Pair Days to try out some new wines. Lockdown has been a cause for many, many wine-inspired evenings and it was time I gave my local bottle shop a break. Though, to be fair, they continue to do very well out of me. I’m about to have my second box delivered with 7 wines. Good Pair Days offers subscription options from 3 bottles. We ordered 10 in our first box at the start of June; desperate times. I’ve tried a range of white, sparkling and red wines and been happy with the quality. Some haven’t been to my taste. But the team got in touch, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their customer service. I told them I was here for new wine and happy to experiment with the selection process as we go. New wines, come to Mumma.


Favourite Blog Post – Thoughts on 4 Popular Meditation Apps

I’m someone who has downloaded the majority of meditation apps out there and never gotten through the trial period without deleting them or getting frustrated with the available plans. I probably need meditation more than most judging by that response. Right? Anyway, this post inspired me to download them again and find one I like. One that works for me and inspires me to stop, take a moment and recharge. And yes, annual subscriptions can seem like a rip off with this sort of thing, but as you can see above, investing in such things isn’t foreign to me. So, I need to get over that and try. If you’re a little like me, and in need of some guidance in the vast big world of meditation apps, start at this post. I think it will help!


Favourite Maker – Tantri Mustika Ceramics

I’ve got a thing for beautiful pots and mugs, ceramics, really. It’s something that I continue to resist purchasing due to straining shelves and purged cupboards. However, if unlike me, you are in need of beautiful things to decorate your home or kitchen, start here. I mean, maybe I could use a few more things… These gorgeous, handcrafted beauties to bring that handmade maker feel that I love Instagram for giving us. And even better, if you’re based in Melbourne (once things with COVID are behind us) you can attend workshops or buy direct from the store. There are Stay At Home kits if you just can’t wait. All available on her website, browse away, team, you can thank me later.


Favourite Instagram – Ashluka Draws

I stumbled across this account via an Instagram Story share and couldn’t be happier. And as someone who has always struggled to write the perfect bio, this one is pretty great. It says that Ashley Lukashevsky is a mixed queer illustrating just futures. Who could argue you with that? Her colourful, bold illustrations are a must follow, she has illustrated a children’s book called Antiracist Baby and I wish I could find the link to buy a poster or sticker or something. You will find other artists in her story highlights too, along with some great information and sources. A thoroughly modern person who I believe might just be on their way to creating that just future. Love that.


Favourite LOL – Very Ugly Plates

Are you ready for a laugh? Remember when the captioning of old oil paintings thing was happening? I was so into that. Taking old stuff and giving it a modern context is my favourite. That’s kind of what is happening here with Very Ugly Plates. It’s a bunch of old dinnerware with very inappropriate sayings or comments on them. I’m in dishes heaven. Which is a place I had never thought I’d find myself –  I hate doing the dishes. Add the account to your follow list on Instagram and it will pop up remaining you life is good at the most unexpected times. After all, don’t we all need a little more joy in our life?




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If you have any suggestions and want to share your small business or blog, please do! Especially crucial, given my commitment to diversifying this blog. And always, ALWAYS feel free to tag me in posts on Instagram or Twitter to share something with me. Some of the best stuff I’ve found this month was on recommendation from someone I follow or who took the time to share. I know you will, you are the best. Until then, enjoy the Favourites I’ve chosen and I’ll see you back here next month.


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