A few weeks ago I wrote a post about passion after I watched the movie Chef. The passionate bunch you are, you agree that living with passion was great, awesome, spectacular even. But there is something about someone else live out their passion that’s addictive to watch. Yes? Well, I found a real-life example!

Nestled under the eaves of the Harvest Organic Food Store, Reef Street, opposite Memorial Park, in a little white van with timber windows, is a place to buy coffee. Epiphany Coffee, run by a husband and wife team and packed with passion, the coffee tastes as good as the van looks. Organic coffee and raw treats to eat with it. What’s not to love?

I stumbled across the van in my travels.

Desiree had told me about them before, and I was excited to secure myself a cup. As I wandered in, the owner sat perched on a stool painting. I smiled and said something random like, oh so you are painting, huh? Do you like it? He said back to me as he stood up to take my order. And I did.

I dug into my wallet and handed over the change for a large coffee. We chatted more, and I asked if I could grab some photos. I have a blog, I said, and sometimes it’s nice to not talk about myself. He politely chuckled, said sure, gave me a loyalty card, and I went about snapping some photos. Difficult with the prime lens I almost had to walk all the way back up the street to fit it all in. But capture it I did.

And blog it? Well, that I did too. Enjoy the pics and if you are ever in my neck of the woods, check their Facebook page for their location. My understanding is that it’s pretty much always in Reef Street unless it’s at an event.

Good coffee is always worth a little detour.


Add them on Facebook to stay up to date. You’re welcome. 😉 

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