I actually sighed when I saw the second product in my Innovative Beauty challenge line up, Garnier BB cream. Shoooooot. BB Creams and I have a bit of a sketchy relationship. Mostly it goes like, I put it on, I love it, an hour passes and my skin has turned into an oily mess, and I’m not so keen any more. What the heck could I do with this one? I put it on the shelf and I thought about it. Hmmmm.

It’s a challenge, right? So challenge accepted.

I started to ask around, ask how people use their BB Cream in a way that was a little out of the ordinary to enhance themselves. Enhance was, after all, the prompt I had chosen. I took this on as a way to not only help out my oily skinned sisters but to use up the ever-increasing supply of BB Cream in my house. What can I say, not only do I receive samples but my continued optimism that it could maybe, one day, work for me makes for one heck of a stockpile.

Here’re some ideas we came up with to enhance your fine self*

Got lots? Use on arms and legs to moisturise and colour correct. Think of it like a face tan or a tinted moisturiser.

body builder fake tan

Wrong colour? Contour with it. I have colours that are too dark or too fair for me, why not work the Kardashian moment and apply them all?? 58c9927a19a56fbb876a89310fe52855

Freckled partner? I’ve used BB Cream on Mr Suger to even his skin tone for professional photo and weddings.

Heading into the backyard? Use it as a basic sunscreen. Just don’t stay out too long, the SPF isn’t really made for tanning.


Old hands? Give them a lift and maybe even improve the look and texture. Wow! What (fake) results.

hands collage

So which of these am I using to make my way through the stash? Well predominately putting it all over Mr Suger (HA!), but other than that I’m using it to even out skin tone on my neck and arms in all my singlets and dresses. And about the oily thing, someone once told me that perhaps I was using too much product. So make sure you’re not doing that, it can amp up the whole oily face thing.

(*results may vary – Baahahaha)

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