I’m not sure what’s been going on for me lately. This week the blog was certainly neglected with the last posts going live on Wednesday {written Tuesday}. It’s not that I haven’t had time. I’ve had time. I’ve been busy but there has been time. I just never really found anything to say. Maybe I’ve been saying it ALL in the Living the Sweet Life Daily emails? Maybe I’ve been living life a little closer to home and don’t have much to report? Maybe I’m not too worried?

Meh. All of the above.

Just the week before I almost ran 2 posts per day, every day. It was ridiculous. I wanted to blog ALL the things! Usually writing a post like this, declaring a state of what the heck’ness is all it takes to shake the tree of a few fresh ideas. There’s nothing showing up just yet. I have some new recipes to try out. Maybe I’ll do that. Hubby is home all day tomorrow, maybe I’ll finally be able to grab some photos of the outfits I’ve been wearing. Who knows. But for now it’s Saturday night, I’ve got other work to do and it’s time for me to do it.

What are you doing? Anything interesting? Could I blog about it?  

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