There hasn’t been much opportunity for getting dressed up around here lately. I’ve been busy and when I do get out, it’s usually in something casual. So when this stunning skirt from Alison Dominy Designs (gifted to me by the team, more about that later) arrived I knew it was time to get my hair and makeup done and get some pics!

This is supposed to be a fashion blog, right? 

I’m in possession of this amazing skirt as a thank you present for my stint as a model for the brand at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival. I don’t know if I ever told you guys about that. Alison, the brand’s owner and namesake, found herself just weeks out from the festival with a selection of models that we almost ALL too small for her plus size range. I mean, come on!

So, having met me in Melbourne at Plus Fashion Week, she got in touch to ask me if I’d walk the runway for them. Something, that it might come as a surprise to some of you, is pretty much the worst nightmare for me. I love photos, I don’t mind video, give me a podcast any old day of the week, but runway… Come on! But, wanting the Festival to get on board with showing more plus designers, I said yes.

Then proceeded to quietly and not so quietly freak out about it.  

Especially when, just two weeks out from the runway I took a stack and busted my knee at the Mackay races. Whoops. There’s nothing like a face plant to shake a girl’s confidence and wish you’d never said yes to such things. Especially when you walk into the venue on the day, see the raised platform stage and seating for over 500 people including a rather sizeable media kit. FML.

Long story short, I didn’t fall but I was pretty darn nervous the whole time. Then  I tripped over in the car park on my way home and re-busted my knee. How’s that for a magical fairytale ending. Seriously, I haven’t been comfortable in heels since. I’m paranoid. I went ahead and ruined it for myself… Unless they’re a boot. Somehow, this feels different.

Anyway. As a thank you for this adventure, Alison sent me this beautiful skirt. Phew. That was a lot of words to say that, right? Haha. Anyway, this skirt is something special. It’s a little reminiscent of one I wore to the first Curvy Couture Runway weekend. And in that sense, it’s a perfect addition to my wardrobe. It’s perfect because I love that this skirt is feminine and full, but in the same breath, it’s tough and masculine too. Paired with a sheer bodysuit and some killer shoes, what’s not to love, right?

Sizing and fit wise, I’m wearing the 24 because that’s where I sit in most items at the moment. After wearing it for a few hours it gave enough that really a 20 or 22 would have worked too. So keep that in mind when you’re looking to pick up one for yourself. It’s long too, so shorties, keep that in mind and double check the sizing information against your measurements before you lock it in. Link below the images. Enjoy!

Wearing an ASOS Curve bodysuit (from 3 years ago), Alison Dominy Designs Karen Skirt (gifted, size 24) and City Chic Open Toe Booties (size 42, limited sizes available). 

And in fun news, I’ve recorded a video of me editing these photos that I’ll put on my new (revived) YouTube channel in the very near future (I have to do some serious cutting since it’s almost 45 minutes long without an intro!). So if you want to check that out when it’s live head over and subscribe (hit the bell to get notifications of when I post) and I’ll see you there. I’m excited, I’ll do a post soon with some more information about my plans for the channel.

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