Morning folks, I’m reporting to you live from my cousin’s couch. They offered me the bed, but that’s weird right? Taking over someone’s bed when you’re the guest who mixed up their dates and arrived in Brisbane to be a wingman for Nat a month early. Whoops. So yes, that would be inappropriate taking their bed, right? So I didn’t. And here I am. In the lounge room. On the couch.

Anywaaaaays. What I wanted to talk about is how you get ‘dressed up’ {commas intentional} during summer when the weather is harsh and the willingness to layer up and make an outfit awesome is slim. How then do you make it work? Well you layer still, but with light knits and camisoles. You add skirts with thigh high splits and shoes that are both comfortable and cool.

That’s the hot tip. When  the weather is warm, keep the layers light. Keep things interesting with accessories rather than more layer and add interest through shoes or a great bag. My shoes were a gift from The Higher The Heel and are Barefoot Tess brand. They stock sizes 11+ and are a bit of win for ladies with big feet like me! I’m wearing an 11 but they aren’t overly wide, if I had my time again, for comfort I’d get the 12. Well worth a look people. They are fab. Gifted! And fab.

Keep it simple. Keep the fibres natural. Keep it easy and breezy. Add some great strappy wedges and you can pretty much go anywhere. Outfit details soon. Right now, I’m up to my eyeballs in wine and great food. So if you’re curious, let me know and I’ll get you the link between my brow tint and shape and buying all the things! I did mention already that I’m bored with my wardrobe right? Expect a sale… 

Top – ASOS Curve
Camisole Dress – 17 Sundays
Thigh split skirt – Bellecurve for Target {gifted}
Wedges – Barefoot Tess via Higher the Heel Shop {gifted}


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