Brought to you by Target.

The addition of the Bellecurve range at Target has been a good thing as far as I am concerned. A REALLY good thing. MODA still wavers now and then for me {sorry, but they totally do} but Bellecurve is SO on point. When I went in with my vouchers to put together this post there were more than enough items for what I wanted to do and the money I had to spend on doing it. But I didn’t care. I bought more myself. It spoke to me, what can I say.

So I decided to create four outfits from two items in the range the dress and the skirt. Both of which I am loving to within an inch of their lives and wearing in the size 24. There’s a work look and an outside of work look for each. As always I want to demonstrate how one versatile piece added to your wardrobe is better than dozens of one trick ponies. Fashion on a budget, that’s me all over. 


target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-asymetrical-skirt-1

The Bellecurve Zip Me Up Jacquard Skirt

Styled for work, I paired the skirt with a long sleeve shirt and a mid-size heel. The skirt is a perfect length for the office and the material wears well throughout the day if you are sitting. And don’t worry about flashing anyone with a zip accident either, you won’t have any problems with that! By keeping the fabric of the top light I’m able to wear it now and well into the coming seasons. Just add a camisole and stocking for warmth when it cools down… IF it ever cools down again. Haha.

target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-6

And for a bit of casual fun I pulled the skirt a little higher on my waist and paired it with a stripe top and sandals. Perfect for shopping trips, casual breakfast out on the town or all those weekend type things you do. The gold on the zip matched the gold studs on the Target T-Bar sandals. I think it’s really important to keep the accessories casual with this skirt to tone it down. And aviators, well I’m obsessed with aviators, add some of those.

target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-9 target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-12 target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-14 target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-13 target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-15


target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-bodycon-dress-1

The Bellecurve Sophia Bodycon Dress

Worn for work, the Sophia bodycon is something special. The weight and feel of the material is REALLY nice and there’s an exposed zip at the back that’s everywhere at the moment. I love it. Even though being gold, most of my jewellery doesn’t match it. but then I’m the exception on that apparently. I’m wearing it here with a blazer with PU panels, patent leather shoes and bag.  A simple work style that looks good and is surprisingly comfortable. This dress will wear all day beautifully, so no issue there.

target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-19 target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-22 target bellecurve monochrome plus-size-17

And then for play I paired the dress with some gold bling and leopard print heels. Because why not, that’s why! Haha. I was a little wary about the pairing given the black material has it’s own jacquard print but I’m taking some advice from a friend and calling leopard the new neutral. And it works, she was right. She usually is. The leopard adds the fun to the outfit that a structured dress can be missing when taking it out on the town. So there you go, lesson for the week, try new things.

target bellecurve bodycon dress plus-size-5 target bellecurve bodycon dress plus-size-4 target bellecurve bodycon dress plus-size-7 target bellecurve bodycon dress plus-size-1 target bellecurve bodycon dress plus-size-2

Well there you go folks. A little insight into how I make these items work for me in a number of ways. And seriously that skirt I could have gone on all day. By adding colour and ankle boots and platform wedges… Well let’s just say these two items {and the jogger pants in black and white} are going to feature heavily, so get used to them. I recommend that you take a look at the range and decide for yourself. There’s some great versatile fashion pieces there.

And they didn’t even MAKE me say that. Promise. Haha. 

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