Oh hey ladies and gentle-ducks! Long time, no outfit photos, yes? Well here’s one I prepared earlier and you’re going to LOVE this one. You know how I know that? Because this knit coat has already been stolen from me twice. It’s a popular coat and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bit of denim on denim action.



Of course I’m right. So the layers of this outfit come together perfectly for this time of year in Queensland. The denim layer is warming while the coat (I have the sample size, so expect yours to be a larger, longer, looser fit if you order to size) adds that extra bit of warmth and colour. And, let’s face it, coolness. The boots are a mission but worth the trouble, hello being a foot taller than my husband. And I don’t know about most normal people, but I end up with bare legs, unless they’re in jeans, pretty much all winter long.

So it’s easy for those playing at home, denim, denim, knit. And you’re done. You’re welcome.

plus size double denim outfit ankle boots knit jacket-2 plus size double denim outfit ankle boots knit jacket-9plus size double denim outfit ankle boots knit jacket-10plus size double denim outfit ankle boots knit jacket-9

Wearing denim shirt, skirt and knit coat from 17 Sundays {PROMO CODE: MD17S for 20% off},
mini bag by the Kardashian Kollection and boots via Curvy Cartel on Instagram.

plus size double denim outfit ankle boots knit jacket-5

Now let’s talk the coat…

retrograde knit coat - 17 sundays

This coat, the Retrograde Knit Coat, is such a winner, right? YES! It is currently available on the 17 Sundays site in black and gold. I’m loving this style (see what I mean about fit?) but while you’re there, check out the shorter one too. Same knit but different shape. SOOO good.

I think given the wear I got out of my older coat like this, the pink/teal/grey one, I think I’m completely justified in getting the black and gold too, yes? Why not, there’s a promo code up for grabs, just use MD17S at the checkout for TWENTY percent off. You’re welcome. x

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