Recently Suger Social took over the social media and digital marketing for a brand I have known and loved for a hundred million years. In the time prior to the takeover, IMO the spunk and personality and had gone. The guts of who they were. They’d become generic.

That, my friends, is a social media death sentence.

Not having a brand personality is mistake number one when you’re running a business, blog or brand account. I know, I’ve been there on more than one occasion myself. Not just personally either. I’ve worked for clients that don’t want to participate in a personal or direct way in their social, but the results never come like they should. A brand needs personality.

Personality matters more than content, more than product, more than anything on social media. If anyone ever told you to be ‘professional’ or formalise your language, they were wrong. Been given the advice that you need to take it seriously, act professionally or hide the struggles?

Well, they were wrong.

Branding with personality - Suger Coat It

This new school of consumer don’t appreciate the glossed over version. They use social media to consume content and content is best told with story-telling. No story, no sale. I see your faces behind that screen, I just gave you the secret sauce, did you catch that? So how are YOU telling your story?

What’s your unique point of view?

Story-telling whether through your words or images is by necessity personal. It comes from you. It belongs to you and you are welcoming people to share in it. To experience it {that part is important, experience it}. Don’t get caught up in presenting an image and doing it perfectly; it will always land flat. Let the unique voice {sourced from the unique selling position} of your brand speak.

Oh team, I’ve fallen into this trap more times than I can count. There are times that I want my feed and content to LOOK a certain way. Ahhh so good-looking. But that can take away from the story or from saying something that actually matters. Try to remember that, I will too. Consider what it is that your customer or client VALUES from you. That is what you should be delivering in your own unique way.

If you’re a little bit nervous right now, if you’re wondering what the heck you’re going to say, I’ve got you. All you need to do is consider your brand to be a person. If it lives and breathes as an entity, then speaking for it is something you can learn to do. Consider what it is that you {your brand} has to offer, what makes YOU the only person to be able to deliver that.

It seems hard, but one day it will just click.

Because once you know what it is for you to say, there’s no way to do that badly. When you share it will be from a place of delivering on the message you are setting out to deliver. Sharing will be TO SHARE. Offerings will be to provide a solution. Trust me, you’ll never have to ‘sell’ again or run out of things to say, it’ll be part of your brand and therefore just be a way of being in communication with your community.

And doesn’t that sound amazing?

Photos by Benjamin Voros + Nik MacMillan + Ian Espinosa on Unsplash


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