I like direct conversations. Ones that don’t mess around, get to the point and if there’s a request to make it gets made sooner rather than later. This post occurred to me as a good idea after writing one of the emails for the daily subscribers of the Living the Sweet Life Daily. Telling someone to be direct in their communication is one thing, but telling them HOW to do that is another.

So this is me. Hoping to do a little telling you how. Because I’m a professional MOST of the time. Short version. Okay you lot, stop laughing! haha. Are you ready? As far as I am concerned there are five simple ways to have more direct conversations, in my opinion, and here they are;

Know what you want to say and then say it.

Easier said than done sometimes but you need to stop, think about it and then just say it. There is nothing more frustrating {to me} than someone who takes a ridiculous amount of words to say something simple. Direct conversation requires you to be economical with your words. Above all else, practice economy.

Keep your language simple so it can be understood.

I find that language in its diversity and expansiveness can be confusing sometimes. There is a time for elegant words and stylised writing. But when you are communicating in a direct manner, that time is not now.

Speak up, if no one can hear you then what the heck are you doing!?

It sounds silly to have to mention it but you have no idea how many times a day I speak with someone who I have to make the request to repeat themselves, speak louder and to stop muffling their words with a hand or closed mouth. Speak clearly, in a level that can be heard. You are worthy of being heard, trust me, so make sure you can be.

Honesty is almost always the best policy.

When it comes to being direct honesty will cut the fat from the majority of your conversations. Sure you need to be sensitive to other people’s needs. Sometimes they are really not asking for your input, suggestions or critic {even if they think they are} they are looking for someone to listen and agree. You may not be able to agree, but listening and not talking can be part of direct communication too. And when it comes time for you to deliver what it is for you to say, do it without pomp or fluff, be clear and say it.

Stop, stop, STOP waffling on.

Oh my god, boring. SO boring. I am THE WORST at this. Sometimes I hear myself talking and think, holy heck Suger, wrap it up already. Be aware that if you are waffling on, the message of what you are trying to say is being lost in the volume of the words you are speaking. Stop talking, reset yourself and try again.

And that my friends are my sure-fire tips to being more direct in your communication. I hope they help you to say what there is to say when you need to say it. I know they’ve worked for me. Served me well actually. I feel like I could say more but like I said I’m prone to waffling on. Ha.

So tell me is there anything I missed? Do you communicate in a direct manner or are you a beat around the bush’er? 

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