That’s a ballsy title, right? Digital Marketing for an International Charity 101. Rather pompous but stay with me. Did you know that Samara, the other half of my podcast team, is a digital marketer? She is, and a big one. She works in Digital Marketing for an international charity, St Vinnies. That’s Saint Vincent De Paul to the rest of the world, haha.

In this episode, I interview Samara about her job. Stretching my interview muscles because I feel like hearing the experience of women is so important to what I’m trying to do here with this blog. We started talking and the episode ended up almost 40 minutes long and I loved every single minute of it.

I was impressed AND I needed to know more.

In her role, Samara works with the state managers and oversees the social for their Facebook and their CEO Sleepout event. Things like, how did she get there and what ‘qualifications’ did it take. What does she do day to day, and how much hands-on and planning stuff does she do.

And then most importantly, how does she deliver on the brand voice WHEN people can be dicks. By brand voice, I mean those few words that make a brand a living breathing thing. When it’s generosity, how can you be generous in the face of not that? As a charity who is involved heavily in supporting refugees, people can push your buttons.

I end up losing my mind over that a bit, haha.

My biggest thing was TELL ME HOW YOU DO THAT. How, can I do that? And how can I bring that to my business? Watch the episode here. We started recording our conversations over Skype and making it available on my Youtube channel. This episode was too good not to share, it’s easily my personal favourite we’ve ever done.

Business nerd, you know how it is. Haha.

And here we go. Pull up a comfortable spot, probably a beverage, and enjoy the newest episode. Not that into videos? It’s still available on iTunes and SoundCloud. Get the podcast into you. Did I mention I’m really proud of this episode? I did, didn’t I. Haha. My bad.


Questions? Let us know. I’ll drag Samara over here to answer all the digital marketing questions you can throw at her. If you have a question or topic you want us to cover on the podcast, leave it below. No topic gets left behind.

Digital Marketing for an International Charity - Suger Coat It

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