As part of the media contingent {let’s face it, if I have too much of a good time I might just end up IN the media for entirely different reasons} I will be reporting on all things fabulous at the Curvy Couture Road Show {CCRS}. I’ve borrowed a lens that is a little less restrictive than my 50mm. I’ve packed my laptop and its charger even. I am ready.

Or I thought I was.

I woke up this morning and weather for Melbourne was a little warmer than expected. Did I have enough options. I hate being hot in situations where I can’t escape to the beach. Was it going to rain? There is no way in hell I’m sacrificing my nude boots to rainy weather. No way, no how. Shiiiiiit. So I took one last audit of my suitcase. Threw in an extra option or two and zipped it up. Enough Suger, enough.

So I’m here now. Sitting comfortably at Mel’s house. We’ll probably tear the suitcase apart again before I leave. And I’ve got that nervous excited feeling. Some of the ladies have already arrived in Melbourne. I sort of wish I’d booked even more night now. You know how it is? When you are away you want to be home and when you’re home you want to be away doing something cool. Hubby even suggested HE wouldn’t have minded coming. Whoops. Maybe next time babe.

Anyway. Enough of my rambling. I guess what I really wanted to say is  if you are coming it’s okay to be nervous. It’s okay to be rambly excited. It’s okay to be however you are feeling because we have all probably felt the same way about it. So put on your fashion finery {gosh, deciding what to wear is THE HARDEST right?} and we’ll see you there.

With bells on baby. 

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