The busy people of the world swear by it, but have you ever considered implementing a personal uniform? You know, wearing the same combination of items day in and day out, Mark Zuckerberg style. But it’s not just Mark!

Entrepreneurs such as Apple’s Steve Jobs, I Quit Sugar’s Sarah Wilson, Former President (sob, come back) Barak Obama, and The Collective Hub’s Lisa Messenger report having similar success with a personal uniform. For varying reasons. Everything from streamlining the ‘getting dressed’ process to ethical clothing practices and reducing stress. There is a lot to be said for choosing to wear a personal uniform.

So, why does it work?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes deciding what to wear is not only a stressful exercise in finding clothes that you ‘feel’ like wearing or fit, but it takes so much time. And brain space. All of these are reasons to set yourself the either the same clothes or a set idea (think blouse and pants) as a personal uniform.

Not only that but have you ever considered the volume of clothing you purchase, own, store and discard? It’s an environmental concern and something that we just don’t give enough consideration too. I mean, look at every YouTuber known to mankind and the haul videos. Gosh. So, having a uniform can reduce your clothing and monetary waste AND help the environment. Worth a look.

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Getty Images

Having a personal uniform has worked for me regarding my work wardrobe. Currently, in a more casual setting, I have 4 or 5 outfits that I wear to work, on repeat. I can get ready and be out the door in 15 minutes if I need to be. It’s simple, and I don’t feel the stress of trying and discarding some options before finally deciding.

You can pretend that doesn’t happen to you, but it does. And it’s the worst. Such a time and energy suck. If you’ve experienced that, or any sort of anxiety about what to wear then give this a try. Even if it’s for a few days a week. As women, we are told to look our best and to make an effort. A part of that is not repeating outfits. Shock horror. It’s not even possible, never mind practical, so give that up now.

Outfit repeating is the new black.

Photo by Tobias van Schneider on Unsplash

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