how jennifer lawrence made being awkward cool

You know it, I know it, we all know that socially awkward and being awkward is having its moment in the sun. Never has there been a better time to be goofy, awkward and a little bit too honest in a way that leaves people mouths open giggling. Not in my existence anyway. And Jennifer Lawrence did that for us socially awkward folks. She led the way. She made it our time to shine.

It’s MY time folks.

What about you?

Are you socially awkward? Are you prone to tripping over or declaring yourself in a moment of babbling excitement? If like me you find these things to be an everyday occurrence than prepare your best awkward happy dance because YOUR time has come too.

In my books it comes down to one lady, Jennifer Lawrence. With her candor she started to tear down the walls of perfect that our role models are told to have. Have it together, don’t get too excited and certainly don’t tell people what you REALLY think.

But she did. That’s what makes Jennifer Lawrence so endearing to us, the socially awkward. She looks cool when she does what we do every day and often wished we could change. She makes being exactly who we are okay. I’ve found inspiration in that and hope you will too.

If I had a dollar for every time that I’ve said something awkward and wished I could take it back or at least EXPLAIN without it getting more awkward I’d be retired. I laugh about it now, I find a way to get passed it and interact with people but it haunts me. I know you get that when I say it. It haunts me because at any moment I might embarrass myself. It’s a knife’s edge folks.

But what I am saying, you know how I feel, right? And are you ready to embrace your awkward and go for it.

How to be socially awkward and proud like Jennifer Lawrence…

It’s okay to be excited, in fact it’s encouraged. Get excited and allow yourself a moment of crazy, childlike, uncontainable excitement and stop being embarrassed about it. As adult we are told to rein that sort of thing in. To be contained. Heck as a teenager it becomes clear that excitement is laaaame. Forget this and go with your natural instinct to be excited. Excitement is contagious.

If you believe in something be proud to stand behind it. Whether it be body image, an idea you have had at work or at your child’s school. If there is something you are passionate about stand up for that no matter what. When you have problems that are bigger than you are all of a sudden worry about your next fall doesn’t seem so important.

Sometimes a simple sorry about that, I suck at this is all it takes. Sometimes being socially awkward you will do something that impacts someone else negatively. Instead of beating yourself up about it, fess up. Confess that you are bad in these types of situations and apologise for making that person feel badly. Don’t apologise for being you, just for how you made them feel. It reinforces that you ARE okay while not ignoring that in society you have to be with people.

Don’t take crap from anyone. So Jared Leto is laughing at you as you walk on stage at the Oscars, do you ignore it and die in some sort of shame spiral bought on thanks to being awkward, falling down often and all that? HELL NO. You call him out, demand what? You stop the rubbish and get on with being fabulous.

It is time to own your awkward. It really is. Every time Jennifer Lawrence gives an interview {which you should watch if you’re finding it difficult to find your own feet and get comfortable} she gets more comfortable in her oddities. So should you. Let every opportunity to be awkward be an opportunity for you to embrace yourself just the way you are.

Because that my friends is what Jennifer Lawrence REALLY taught us. 

Awkward folks unite!

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