Stress about the future, where you are going and how the heck you’re going to get there was something that came up over and over again when I asked about your concerns in the recent 4 year survey. You are good, you said, but how do I become great. How, when life is so full already, do you make the time to do something towards your goals?

PrBlogger wrote about it. Teachers in wealth, health and general happiness have written about it for decades. You take a small increment of time every day to commit to your goal. 15 minutes to write. 30 minutes to walk around the block. 10% of your time and money towards saving. Bit by tiny bit you move towards what you want to achieve.

Lapping those who remain on the couch.

You must be strict with this time. Rigid in your determination to take it, to use it and to spend it. You absolutely can not allow anyone to take it from you. It’s your time. It’s not much, you ask for so little. So take it. Be a bulldog in defines of it. Because without it, everything you want for yourself won’t happen.

You don’t suddenly wake up one morning fitter, stronger, smarter or having more money {well hardly ever on the last one}. You have to take the time to invest. I strongly encourage you to take the time to invest in yourself and in your dreams. No one else will invest in them for you. There are people in life who will support you, cheer you on, push you and demand you do better. But even those people won’t do it for you.

So ask yourself today. Now, if you can muster the will. What IS IT that I want for myself. What is one thing that I simply cannot go another month/year/decade without? Let your mind wander, explore, plot and plan. Forget everything else, what is it for you? I’m serious folks, choose something. Commit to it today.

And tell me, what’s ONE THING you are committing to for yourself today?

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